Provenienzen Jüdische Gemeinde Mainz

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In our collection "Jewish Community Mainz" we present 36 Hebrew manuscripts and other documents from the Jewish Community Mainz. Mainz University Library would like to thank all those involved in the digitisation and cataloguing of this valuable material for our digital collections. The collection is constantly being expanded.


The manuscripts of the Jewish Community of Mainz were described in 1965 by Ernst Róth for the Directory of Oriental Manuscripts in Germany. Cf. Ernst Róth, Hebrew Manuscripts, Part 2, edited by Hans Striedl with the collaboration of Lothar Tetzner, Verzeichnis orientalischer Handschriften in Deutschland VI, 2, Wiesbaden 1965, pp. 190-212. All manuscripts are part of the Jewish Library Mainz, which belongs to the Jewish Community Mainz K.d.ö.R. and is kept on permanent loan in Faculty 01: Catholic Theology and Protestant Theology. On the history and salvation of the library, see Andreas Lehnardt, Die Jüdische Bibliothek an der Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz 1938-2008, Beiträge zur Geschichte der Universität Mainz - Neue Folge 8, Stuttgart 2009. The community's memorial books are located in Israel and one is in the USA. Further manuscripts have been discovered during the cataloguing of the holdings.

Andreas Lehnardt